Apoptosis, Cell Viability & Oxidative Stress Brochure


Whether you are looking at nuclear mediated, mitochondrial mediated or membrane mediated Apoptosis or working on Autophagy & Oxidative Stress related areas, our latest 44-page Apoptosis, Cell Viability & Oxidative Stress brochure guides the researchers to the products they need.

Highlights of this latest brochure are:

  • > 150 new products
  • > 55 new assay kits (Granzyme B Activity Assay Kit, InSitu HDAC Activity Fluorometric Assay Kit, HDAC3 Activity Assay Kit, Sarcosine Assay Kit, Lipid Peroxidation (MDA) Assay Kit etc.), new second generation caspase inhibitors etc.
  • New category Autophagy comprising Antibodies, Inducers & Inhibitors
  • Separate listing of Apoptosis & Oxidative Stress antibodies
  • Diverse portfolio of Antioxidants
  • and more...

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