Epigenetics Research Tools Brochure


This contemporary brochure features our all-inclusive line of epigenetics products, showcasing a heterogeneous mix of products ranging from the effector proteins aka the Readers to the catalyzers, aka the Writers, and the modifiers or the Erasers. It also has a generous sprinkling of the basic proteins monikered Histones and much more.

Highlights of this brochure are:

  • Exhaustive ensemble of > 400 diverse products.
  • Comprehensive product lines with assay kits, recombinant proteins/enzymes, antibodies, activators, inhibitors, substrates, blocking peptides, etc.
  • Strategic product categorization into "Eraser enzymes", "Reader domains", "Writer enzymes" and "Histones
  • Hot targets in multiple sizes.
  • Individual assortment with related categories
  • Each category includes Fluorometric/Colorimetric assays, activity/IP assays, tagged/untagges proteins, multi-application antibodies etc.
  • And More...

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