Exosome Research  Brochure


Biovision is excited to announce the release of its latest brochure dedicated to Exosome Research. This brochure is your handy resource to all the products offered by Biovision related to exosome research. For our customers' convenience, the products in this brochure are categorized based on their potential applications/biological uses.

Our new line of exosome research products will facilitate your understanding of exosomes from a wide variety of samples.

Highlights of this brochure are:

  •  >200 products
  •  Ready to use exosome quantification ELISA assay kits (ExoQuant™).
  •  Efficient exosome capture and high quality RNA extraction kits (ExoRNA™).
  • Efficient exosome capture and DNA purification kits (ExoDNA™).
  • Ready to use exosome FACS kits (ExoFACS™).
  • Validated multi-application exosomal monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies (ExoAb™).
  • Easy, quick, efficient, cheap and convenient exosome isolation tools (ExoPure™) including reagents, immunobeads and immunoplates.
  • Highly purified, lyophilized exosome standards (ExoStd™) as calibration standards.
  • And much more…

Please enter your information to download this brochure If you would like the hard copy, please email  orders@biovision.com for your inquiry.