Stem Cell Research Tools  Brochure


This comprehensive 36-page brochure features all the different proteins, antibodies, biochemicals and assay kits you need in your stem cells related research. The products listed here are applicable in multiple research fields including cancer, Alzheimer's disease (AD), diabetes, heart disease, liver disorders, multiple sclerosis, blindness, burns, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injury and stroke.

Highlights of this brochure are:

  •  > 700 products including 250 new products
  • Wide ranging variety of Cytokines and Growth factors from Mammalian and Bacterial sources.
  • Introducing the Human CellExp™ Cytokines and Growth factors.
  • StemBoost™ Reprogramming Cocktail / Growth Factor sets, Neuronal transdifferentiation modulator sets, and many more convenient, ready to use sets.
  • Products for various stem cell signaling pathways – Notch/Hedgehog/Wnt/TGF-β pathways.
  • Antibodies and Assay kits
  • And much more….

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